WEDNESDAY – June 16, 2010
07:00PM Reception & Gathering of Friends

Greeting, meetings, and general good cheer accompanied by convivial consumption of liquids and dessert treats

07:30 Announcements & self introductions
THURSDAY – June 17
09:00-10:00 AM Interpretive Strategies

Chair: Dennis Dunleavy

  • “Because, Because, Because, Because, Because”: The Wizard of Oz as Visual Literacy Primer
    Tim Ziaukas, University of Pittsburgh at Bradford
  • Archetypes, Mandalas and the Collective Unconscious: Jungian Analysis of Newspaper Flags
    Eric Wiltse, University of Wyoming
  • Graphic Facilitation Languages: Variation and Register in Multimodal Language
    Michael Holmes, Ball State University
  • Trends in Science Imagery: A Content Analysis of Science Times
    Larry Mullen, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
10:20-10:30 Break
10:30-11:40 Ethics & the Other

Chair: Julianne Newton

  • Looking In from the Inside/Outside on Falkland Road: Examining Mary Ellen Mark’s Photographs of Sex Workers in Bombay
    Liz Lance, University of Missouri
  • Let’s Go, Let’s Show, Let’s Rodeo: Ethnic Minority Involvement in Rodeo
    Tracey Patton & Sally Schedlock, University of Wyoming
  • Narratives of War, Survival and Hope: As Told Through Photographs, First Person Accounts, Animation, Documentary, and Fictional Filmmaking
    Debra Pentecost, Vancouver Island University
  • Civil Right or Societal Plague? Comparison of Women’s Representations in Pleasure Services Advertising in Sexual Tourism “Heavens” vs. Countries of Destination for Forced Sexual Trafficking
    Olesya Venger, University of Pennsylvania
  • Animals in Advertising: The Absent Referent
    Debra Merskin, University of Oregon
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
12:15-01:30 PM LUNCH
01:30-02:30 PM The Visual Project Chair: Paul Lester

  • The Digital Days Project
    Dennis Dunleavy, Southern Oregon University
  • Practicing What You Pr(T)each
    Brian Johnson, University of Illinois
  • Equal Before the Lens-At Least in the Studio: The Mississippi Portraits of O.N. Pruitt, 1920-1960
    Berkley Hudson, University of Missouri
  • Photovoice: A Collaborative Photography-Based Research Method and its Application in Eugene, Oregon
    Mickey Stellavato, University of Oregon
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
02:50-03:00 PM Break
03:00-04:00 PM Visual Journalism Chair: Roxanne O’Connell

  • Visual Journalism + Distance Learning: Past, Present, and Future
    Hyangsook Lee, Kent State University
  • Visual Trends in Online News Sites
    Conrad Smith, University of Wyoming
  • Will Apple’s iPad Save Journalism? A Theory-Based Approach
    Susan Lewis & Kenneth Pybus, Abilene Christian University
  • Reflecting on the Workshop: Does MPW Raise a Truthful Mirror to a Community?
    Michelle Peltier, University of Missouri
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
Dinner on your own
8:00 PM

Evening Session


My Vietnam Your Iraq: Eight Families, Two Generations

West Coast premiere of a documentary film by Ron Osgood, Indiana University

FRIDAY – June 18
09:00-10:20 AM Teaching and Pedagogy

Chair: Virginia Kidd

  • Extreme Experience-Pairing Student Reporters and Photographers for Three Days of Off-Site, Intense Experience.
    Marilyn Starrett, Metropolitan State College of Denver
  • Video Soup
    Denise Matthews, Eastern Connecticut State University
  • My Department Chair Just Told Me I Have to Create an Online Course and I Don’t Know a Thing About It. What Do I Do?
    Scott Campbell, National University
  • Engaging Photojournalism Students in Undergraduate Research
    Alan Hantz & Sonya Miller, University of North Carolina – Asheville
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
10:40-11:00 Break
11:00-12:10 What’s New About Old Media

Chair: Marjorie Yambor

  • Se Busca: A Study of Lost Animal and Object Signs
    Paul Lester, Cal State-Fullerton
  • Six Nights a Year
    Chris Walker, Auburn University
  • The Golden Age of Irish Music on 78s: Labels and Ethnic Identity
    Roxanne O’Connell, Roger Williams University
  • Castle of Her Own: Interactive Visuality in Chatelaine Magazine, 1928-1933
    Jaleen Grove
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
12:00-01:30 PM LUNCH – Sack lunch provided.

Afternoon – FREE TIME.

SATURDAY – June 19
09:00-10:00 AM Histories & Aesthetics

Chair: Gabriella Martinez

  • Will You Come to the Square? Private Consciousness and Public Space in the Thaw Films of Marlen Khutsiev
    Greg Miller, University of Oregon
  • Finding the Iconic Through the Comic in Photoshop Phriday
    Bob Britten, West Virginia University
  • Enshrining the Dead: The New York Historical Society’s Exhibition of the Grateful Dead Archive as Visual Argument
    Susan Baltzer-Reitz, Montana State University – Billings
  • Form, Function and Fashion: The Visual Aesthetics of Scootering
    Julia Snyder-Yuly, Iowa State University
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
10:20-10:30 Break
10:30-11:40 Pop Culture & Visuality

Chair: Julian Kilker

  • Dissecting Dexter: Diurnal Duties Display Diabolical Delights
    Marjorie Yambor, Western Kentucky University
  • The cases are real. The people are real. But what are you really seeing?
    Marilyn Terzic, McGill University
  • Visual Mystique: A Rhetorical Analysis of Reality TV
    Christine Miller, Cal State – Sacramento
  • The King is dead. Remember him like this.
    Keith Greenwood, University of Missouri
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
12:15-01:30 PM LUNCH
01:00-02:30 PM New Technologies

Chair: Larry Mullen

  • Crossing the VOID: Developing a Video Online Interactive Documentary
    Ron Osgood, Indiana University
  • Mash-ups and Remixes in Visual Communication
    xtine burrough, Cal State-Fullerton
  • There’s a 3-D App for That: Stereoscopic Photography on the iPhone
    John Neal, Brookhaven College
  • Brain/Mind/Technology: Body/Knowledge/Medium
    Julianne Newton, University of Oregon
20 minute Discussion and Q&A
02:50-03:00 PM Break
03:00-04:00 PM Matter & Meaning

Chair: Tracey Patton

  • Making Social Issues Visual
    Virginia Kidd, Cal State-Sacramento
  • Constructed Bodies, Constricted Realities: The Corset in Steampunk Fiction and Practice
    Tara Liss-Mariño, University of Pennsylvania
  • To Remember: Reconstructing the Past for Reconciliation
    Gabriela Martinez, University of Oregon
  • Exploration in Transition: A Case Study of Extreme Imaging in Photochemical and Digital Photography
    Julian Kilker, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
20 minute Discussion and Q&A

Dan & Louis Oyster Bar, 208 SW Ankeny

SUNDAY – June 20
9:00 AM TOWN HALL MEETINGCoffee Service

  • Next year.