Cannon Beach, Oregon June 17-21

Located on the breathtaking coast of the Pacific Ocean, just south of the famous Haystack Rock, the Cannon Beach resort and neighboring coastline offers dozens of shops and restaurants; various arts and museums, and various beaches, parks, and other outdoor experiences. Plan you vacation around the conference!

Tolovana Inn Accommodation Rates:

$99/night/1-2/NV queen
$119/night/1-2/NV king
$199/night/1-2/OV queen
$199/night/1-2/OV queen
$239/night/2-4/OF 2x queen
$299/night/2-4/OF/king & queen/Luxury
NV = No View
OV = Ocean View
OF = Ocean Front

Tolovana Inn is 90 miles from the PDX Portland Airport. The Portland Amtrak station is near the Portland Greyhound terminal. Current public transit options are listed at