We have a Flickr Group!

At last — a place where we can post photos we take at VisCom(m)! I have posted everything that was taken by my Canon camera… I’m going to work on getting through my iPhone pictures as well and post them up there.

Viscomm’s Flickr Group Page

You have to be a member of the group to see these — this is to protect YOUR images, both those OF you and those you have taken. If you upload any images to Flickr that can be shared with the VisComm Conference group, you can also make those viewable by the public. But I don’t want to make that decision for you. read more

Transportation Tips


Northwest Point offers a bus service to Cannon Beach from Portland.  People would have to take a MAXX train to the station and then catch the bus.  It only runs twice a day.  But it’s only $17 one way. 

In addition to this we can try and set up a ride share so if people are renting a car, can they take someone with them?  Ideas on how to make that work would be good. read more

Conference Program Info

Notifications regarding conference submissions have been sent out this evening. Stuart Kaplan, program director, and his team of reviewers blind peered reviewed a record number of submissions this year. For those whose papers/presentations were accepted might want to have some stats for their Tenure/Promotion files. We are a small plenary conference, therefore, when space on the program is limited, difficult decisions must be made. This year we accepted 78% of submissions. read more

Call for VisCom29 is UP!

The New Year is here and the Call for Papers and Panels for VisCom 29, in Cannon Beach, Oregon, is up and waiting for your response.

The site coordinator is Trischa Goodnow of Oregon State University and the Program coordinator is Stuart Kaplan of Lewis and Clark (Emeritus).

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 1.07.36 PM

Conference — by the Numbers

For those of you trying to decide about the Conference and whether or not to stay “on campus” at the conference center, I thought I would provide some data:

  • The closest accommodation to the conference center is a 2-star motel “Classic Motor Lodge” about five miles away.
  • This will cost $312 for accommodation only* — there is no restaurant.
  • Add the Meals Only option from Whispering Pines ($310.50* for FULL breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks — 10 main meals plus snacks & appetizers!) and it comes to $622.50.

Shared accommodation at Whispering Pines with meals comes to $670.00.*
So, what does that extra $47.50 provide?


Ambience – comfortable, quaint rooms many with a water view. Cozy hang out spaces, most with fireplaces.
Convenience – no worries about driving in the woods in the dark. No having to be abstemious because you have to drive. Sit around the campfire until the wee hours.
Camaraderie – because one of the things we LOVE about this conference is sitting together, eating together and talking big and small talk. read more

Accommodation for VisCom 28 is ready for you!

Dear VisCom Campers,Apologies for any duplicate emails you may receive… as you know reaching all who are interested in the Visual Communication Conference is always a challenge 🙂

The link for arranging your accommodation at Whispering Pines is up on the VisCom website.
The number of rooms is limited… so you might not want to delay. read more

Paper/Panel Deadline Approaching!

Hi all,
Folks have been sending in their conference papers and panels but we know there are more out there…
The deadline is February 28!! So less than a week to go.

We’ve also set up the conference registration and you can pay however you wish through PayPal. Once you fill out the registration, the page with the PayPal link comes up. read more