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Conference News VisCom25

VisCom 25 Call

Call for Papers and Abstracts

Hosted by the University of New Mexico
Department of Communication and Journalism

June 15-19, 2011  (Wednesday evening through Sunday morning)
At Snakedance Condominiums in Taos Ski Valley (20 minutes north of Taos)

Deadline for proposals:   Friday, March 18, 2011

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Abstract and Panel Proposal Submissions


Presentation / Paper call:
The organizers of the 25th Annual Visual Communication Convention invite faculty and students to submit research papers and visual presentations dealing with issues and research in the field of visual communication.  Presenters should be prepared to give A-V presentations dealing with any aspect of visual communication are welcome and may include but are not limited to the following themes: graphic design, visual aesthetics and rhetorics, still and motion photography, documentary and feature films, visual literacy, the ethics of visual communication, multimedia and new communication technologies, cultural issues in visual communication, pedagogical issues in visual communication, and representations of reality in visual communication. While traditional research papers are welcome, the authors of all submissions should plan to adapt their proposals into visual presentations. read more