Update on Book Reviews

So, I clearly went off track with the summer. It’s a long story and will have to wait until we see each other face-to-face. Short summary: Act 1: went to Ireland, caught a cold from students, turned into major chest infection, kept me off the airplane to Seattle for VisCom… and basically meant I stayed in Ireland until late August. While that had its upside (the most relaxing extended vacation I have had since 2005), it meant not being where I could send anyone a book to review as those were all in the USA. Act 2: Returned to US and immersed in beginning of semester… which brings us to NOW.

We got a great response from the post made earlier — 44 respondents (THANK YOU!) Out of the original list of books, 16 have been assigned (emails and books to follow to those reviewers.) That leaves 3 books that still need a reviewer… and more will be coming in soon. So, if you didn’t get the review gig you wanted, see if any of these interest you. — Roxanne

Title Year Publisher Authors/Editors
Siam’s New Detectives: Visualizing Crime and Conspiracy in Modern Thailand 2016 University of Hawai’i Press Lim, Samson
Revolution Revisited: A look back at the 1986 Phillipine Revolution (original reviewer could not complete)  2016 Komenich Komenich, Kim
De-signing Design: Cartographies of Theory and Practice  2015 Lexington Books Grierson, Edquist, Frichot & Silverman (Eds.)

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