So, I clearly went off track with the summer. It’s a long story and will have to wait until we see each other face-to-face. Short summary: Act 1: went to Ireland, caught a cold from students, turned into major chest infection, kept me off the airplane to Seattle for VisCom… and basically meant I stayed in Ireland until late August. While that had its upside (the most relaxing extended vacation I have had since 2005), it meant not being where I could send anyone a book to review as those were all in the USA. Act 2: Returned to US and immersed in beginning of semester… which brings us to NOW.

We got a great response from the post made earlier — 44 respondents (THANK YOU!) Out of the original list of books, 16 have been assigned (emails and books to follow to those reviewers.) That leaves 3 books that still need a reviewer… and more will be coming in soon. So, if you didn’t get the review gig you wanted, see if any of these interest you. — Roxanne

Title Year Publisher Authors/Editors
Siam’s New Detectives: Visualizing Crime and Conspiracy in Modern Thailand 2016 University of Hawai’i Press Lim, Samson
Revolution Revisited: A look back at the 1986 Phillipine Revolution (original reviewer could not complete)  2016 Komenich Komenich, Kim
De-signing Design: Cartographies of Theory and Practice  2015 Lexington Books Grierson, Edquist, Frichot & Silverman (Eds.)

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Professor of Communication - Visual Communication and Digital Media
Department of Communication & Graphic Design
Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI, U.S.
Research interests include web, usability, visual rhetoric, cultural aesthetics, material culture and other modalities and media that deal with the cultural impact of images and music.

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