2011 – VisCom25 plans underway!

The location for the 2011 VisCom Conference will be Taos, New Mexico. The tentative dates are June 15-19 — although that is subject to change pending location availability.

Richard Schaefer of UMN has volunteered to manage the site logistics plus AV – and Hans Rosenwinkel of UC Denver is interested in compiling the program. Thanks to both for volunteering for Camp VisCom in 2011. Let them know if you’d like to assist in either area.

According to Pete Seel, “It’s a fairly easy pitch if you like southwestern scenery, art, or photography (channeling Georgia O’Keefe anyone?).  The condos are at the ski area about 17 miles northeast of Taos – so we’d have the best of both worlds – a quiet mountain valley site and easy access to town. The condo has a van that we could use to run a shuttle into town and many of us will have cars there to assist with this. There is an airport shuttle service in Taos that makes runs from the Albuquerque airport for those who don’t want to drive or rent a car.”

Sounds perfect!