One M, two Ms… At last the controversy is OVER!

royalty free images from

At long last!! I was able to acquire the domain name VISCOM.ORG for a “reasonable” fee. No… I did not pay $500. The confusion over viscomm and viscom is over, although, because so many may have bookmarked the old site name, I am keeping both domain names. It’s always a good SEO practice to make sure you also have misspellings of your domain name covered so people can find you even when they can’t spell 🙂 So… anyone planning that panel for next year to debate the M issue will have to find something else to talk about. In the meantime, we also go by our nickname “”

I just checked an a keyword search and we are the FIRST results for “visual communication conference” although we are 9th for the keyword “viscom”. I expect that as the new domain name propagates the web and we and others click through—perhaps using google to now and then to do the search—we will rise in the results list there as well.

Looking forward to the next conference!

– Roxanne


Professor of Communication - Visual Communication and Digital Media
Department of Communication & Graphic Design
Roger Williams University, Bristol, RI, U.S.
Research interests include web, usability, visual rhetoric, cultural aesthetics, material culture and other modalities and media that deal with the cultural impact of images and music.

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