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Call for Themed Panels – deadline 10/21/11

VisComm Conference Devotees,

During the Town Hall meeting at VisComm 25 at Taos, the group suggested we devote ONE AFTERNOON SESSION to presentations focusing on a theme. Besides offering a direction to the next conference, and thereby providing everyone something to think about before arrival, theme sessions would INVITE COLLABORATION. For instance, a visual rhetorician could team with a creative practitioner to explore how different perspectives could coalesce on one idea within the thematic frame.

One suggestion offered for a theme was “Envisioning the 1960s”. While one wag said that the shared memory of the 1960s of several of the older folks in the group—shall we say ones who were “experimental”—would be white noise, such a theme could stimulate interesting partnerships. A person in memory studies could team with a person interested in photo archives. A younger viscommer, whose understanding of the ’60s would have come from socially constructed media representations, could partner with an older viscommer whose vision was lived, but whose vision has become colored by personal experience.

The only cardinal rule would be that, as always, the presentations must be visual.

This is just one suggestion. I’d like to start collecting your thoughts on possible themes for an afternoon session. (Of course, the rest of the conference would follow the regular format:  no boundaries and wide open to different perspectives and practices.)

Please send me your ideas, no later than October 21, along with a short explanation how you see the theme fostering collaborations. Sheree Josephson at Weber State University and Rulon Wood at Westminster College, the other conference programmers, will sift through your suggestions and pick a theme that we think will capture the creative imagination of the richly diverse group that we call the Visual Communication Conference.

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