This is the NEW VisCom website…

For several years we had a standard HTML website and that was good… but now we have something EVEN BETTER…

This WordPress site allows VisCom-ers to get news via RSS feeds and for the conference planners to have access to creating the content as it comes in. We can have links to VisCom-er sites in our Blogroll. Folks can contribute to a History by creating posts, and other folks can add to those memories by commenting.

See you all in June!


PS: Don’t worry — the design of this site will get more “visual” 🙂

One Reply to “This is the NEW VisCom website…”

  1. Hello, Friends!

    Can’t wait to see all of you. Erik Palmer has done a terrific job of planning VisCom 24, with great help from Yvonne Lewis at UO’s Turnbull Center. Many thanks, in advance, to Turnbull Director Al Stavitsky for agreeing to host VisCom and supporting conference events with extra funds to keep the registration fee low. And Roxanne O’Connell–you’re the time and great energy behind this Word Press site, right?

    Many thanks to all who are making VisCom 24 happen. I’m looking forward to lively discussions!


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