My first VisComm. My lasting VisComm memory. Bob and Herb and Ginny and pregnant Georgette playing pictionary by the indoor pool as I entered the conference venue in Park City. It was my first academic conference. My department chair saw the announcement and recommended I go. Bob was a gentleman. Man, could he offer insight to a work-in-progress. I am hearing his laugh, and I am remembering all that I can.

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  1. Karla,
    Thanks for that wonderful memory. You have been a key player ever since. We loved welcoming you.

    Yes. Park City. Co-chaired that conference with Ginny. But. I went into labor. Poor Ginny; I deserted you !
    T. and Zettl ushered me into the car and sent me off with a big teddy bear that we named “TZ.”
    T. kept close tabs on me..through thick and thin. I’m hearing his laugh right now, too.
    geo. ❤️

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