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Links to Browser Poems by xtine, 2011-12

The Powerpoint is probably unnecessary. These are still in-progress, and they take forever to download right now. I will need to implement a preloader soon. Those interested can view the code on the website (see the CSS file as well as the HTML file).

On the Web

O Browser, My Browser

Waiting for You at the Mystery Spot


xtine is a media artist, educator, editor of Net Works: Case Studies in Web Art and Design (Routledge 2011) and co-author of Digital Foundations (New Riders/AIGA 2009). Informed by the history of conceptual art, she uses social networking, databases, search engines, blogs, and applications in combination with popular sites like Facebook, YouTube, or Mechanical Turk, to create web communities promoting interpretation and autonomy. xtine believes art shapes social experiences by mediating consumer culture with rebellious practices. As an associate professor of communication at CSUF, she bridges the gap between histories, theories, and production in design and new media education. Her website is

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