Viscom 35…an old school plan

Hello all Viscom Campers,

We propose VisCom 2021 at Cannon Beach, Oregon, June 16-20 as a gathering of visual scholars to discuss issues and research in visual communication and to plan the future of the annual visual communication conference started by Bob Tiemens and Herb Zettl. Given the financial and other restrictions imposed because of COVID, we propose a return to Viscom’s roots, with little formal programming, just a bunch of like-minded people getting together to discuss our common interests. If there are six people, cool.  If there’s more, also cool. We can think of VisCom 35 as an unofficial, official conference. A line on the vita without the stress – for everyone! read more

From the Albuquerque Journal

Bob Tiemens (Courtesy of Robin Tiemens)

Former UNM administrator succumbs to COVID-19
By Matthew Reisen / Journal Staff Writer
Published: Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 6:04pm
Updated: Thursday, April 2nd, 2020 at 10:29pm

One of the “brightest stars” in the world of academic journalism has gone out.

Bob Tiemens, a pioneer of visual journalism and former chairman at the University of New Mexico, died from complications of COVID-19 on Monday in a Colorado Springs Hospital. read more

CampVisCom — It is with great regret…

Hello everyone!

A note of community camaraderie
In unity and friendship
With gratitude and compassion
For loss and love

Bob – you will be missed.

As I am more physically isolated
I stand in solidarity,
in sadness,
& in stride
With my history and memories of VisCom.

Take care friends.

All good things,
mark read more

CampVisCom — It is with great regret…

Hi All,

My first Viscom was also the infamous #3 – Park City. Bob had me help with an experiment about persistence of vision, whether colors mixed, when they changed. . . It was my first year and I wasn’t totally sure what we were doing, so Bob had me deliver the findings. It went great, I met people I still consider friends and it serves as an example of a true community of scholars. As Ken said, true community rather than simply a gaggle of academics. read more

CampVisCom — It is with great regret…

Hi everyone,

I thought for years that what Bob and Herb had created was a community of scholars. As I read your condolences, I realize that they had really created a community of friends despite any separation created by time, distance and life changes. I believe Bob would be pleased with a legacy of bringing so many of us together and of knowing how much we miss not just him, but each other. I always thought that he was the greatest class act I had ever met. read more

CampVisCom — It is with great regret…

Condolences to you all. It has been so long since I first met you in 2005,and I only made it to two or three VisComm camps in all these years, but they were impactful enough that I think of you all as my extended academic-family. Any sorrow reverberates.

(soon to be announced new Asst Prof at RISD) read more

CampVisCom — It is with great regret…

My first VisComm. My lasting VisComm memory. Bob and Herb and Ginny and pregnant Georgette playing pictionary by the indoor pool as I entered the conference venue in Park City. It was my first academic conference. My department chair saw the announcement and recommended I go. Bob was a gentleman. Man, could he offer insight to a work-in-progress. I am hearing his laugh, and I am remembering all that I can. read more


Robert Kent Tiemens (Ph.D., University of Iowa) passed away from complications associated with COVID-19 on March 30, 2020 in a Colorado Springs Hospital at the age of 84.

Professor Tiemens was recruited away from Wayne State University in 1972 to become Professor and Division Director of Journalism & Mass Communication in the newly configured Department of Communication at the University of Utah.  He was a leading pioneer in the fledging area of film/television production research.  His seminal studies on camera angle and screen placement influences on viewers’ perceptions established the University of Utah as a major research program that attracted graduate students from across the country.  He established a close working relationship with television production theorist Herbert Zettl of San Francisco State University that led to a highly acclaimed program of research that resulted in a wide array of ground breaking studies.  Dr. Tiemens’ graduate students went on to establish programs of visual communication research at Temple University, Concordia University, Ohio State University and University of Georgia, among others.  He founded the annual Vis Comm Conference that continues to present.  A highly talented academic administrator, he served as Department Chair at both the University of Utah and the University of New Mexico. read more