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Call for Papers and Panels – 2017


Deadline for proposals is March 10, 2017
Hosted by: 
Seattle Pacific University

June 21-25, 2017 (Wednesday evening through Sunday morning)
Camp Casey, Whidbey Island, Washington
(Ferry from Mukilto Terminal)


The organizers of the 31st Annual Visual Communication Conference invite faculty and students to submit research and creative presentations from the varied and emergent field of visual communication.

The conference comes to Washington state for the first time ever!  Peg Achterman and Seattle Pacific University will be hosting the conference at their conference center Camp Casey on Whidbey Island.  A ferry ride from Seattle gets you to the small island with tons of activities including beach time.

Topics may include, but are not limited to, graphic design, visual aesthetics, visual rhetoric, semiotics, still and motion photography, documentary and feature films, visual literacy, visual ethics, multimedia and new communication technologies, visual culture, and pedagogy in visual communication. While the range of topics and presentation modes is varied, authors and creators of all accepted submissions must present their work in a visual way.

VisCom brings together a community of visual communication scholars and creative practitioners passionate about the visual. It is a plenary conference where everyone presents to everyone, and presenters are encouraged to stay for the entire conference. The sessions take place in a gorgeous environment with an afternoon off to enjoy the scenery. Works-in-progress are welcome, and presenters can anticipate an environment that encourages lively discussion and helpful feedback. Finished papers are encouraged. The conference organizers will accept only one submission per person.

This year’s conference format will feature three types of presentations:

Standard session: A 15-minute presentation with five minutes for discussion. Presentations will be placed into groups of four to five with a facilitator.

Lightning session: A fast-paced, five-minute presentation of around 10-15 slides followed by 3-5 minutes of discussion. Lightning sessions can tightly focus on a specialized topic that might not warrant a 15-minute presentation or lay out the broad outlines of a work-in-progress at its initial, generative stage.

Creative works session: Short films or other creative works for relaxed presentation, probably in the evening. This category includes any presentation where the author does not actively present his/her material but, instead, provides it for viewing with a Q&A after.

Your proposal should include a 500-word abstract that summarizes the proposed presentation, the type of session, and how the work is related to the field of visual communication.  Abstracts will be blind-judged by program planners. Proposals should be submitted through the VISCOM website Submission Form.

Proposal acceptances or rejections will be emailed to you no later than April 14, 2017.

Only registered presenters will be included in the program.