Call for Themed Panels – deadline 10/21/11

VisComm Conference Devotees,

During the Town Hall meeting at VisComm 25 at Taos, the group suggested we devote ONE AFTERNOON SESSION to presentations focusing on a theme. Besides offering a direction to the next conference, and thereby providing everyone something to think about before arrival, theme sessions would INVITE COLLABORATION. For instance, a visual rhetorician could team with a creative practitioner to explore how different perspectives could coalesce on one idea within the thematic frame. read more

Update on VisCom 26

Folks, just a quick note to alert you that VisCom 26 will be held June 20-24, 2012 at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah. Put it on your calendars.
As many of you know, this was the site of VisCom 20. The place got rave reviews, and The Homestead is delighted to have us back. Check out their web site at
More details to follow, including a new twist for one afternoon’s programming. read more