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Conference — by the Numbers

For those of you trying to decide about the Conference and whether or not to stay “on campus” at the conference center, I thought I would provide some data:

Shared accommodation at Whispering Pines with meals comes to $670.00.*
So, what does that extra $47.50 provide?


Ambience – comfortable, quaint rooms many with a water view. Cozy hang out spaces, most with fireplaces.
Convenience – no worries about driving in the woods in the dark. No having to be abstemious because you have to drive. Sit around the campfire until the wee hours.
Camaraderie – because one of the things we LOVE about this conference is sitting together, eating together and talking big and small talk.

For folks with family, did I mention the canoes? Volleyball court (sand)? Recreational field for kicking balls around? Horsehoes? Fishing? Hiking? All within the compound.

‘Nuff said.

From next Friday on, I will send out an email listing people who are looking for roommates and their email addresses. I will also post it here on the website. All you need to do is send me an email by Thursday night.

Questions? Email me [1] or comment on this post 🙂

*Inclusive of taxes, fees and gratuities.